Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Mindy CrAwford

Executive Director (Pennsylvania)

Headshot of Mindy Crawford

“As someone who generally just keeps on going, no matter what, I wasn’t sure I needed the help of a Life Coach. Yet, I was struggling and feeling very overwhelmed and knew that something had to change. The transformation to my mindset in only a few sessions was such a wonderful surprise. I feel Laura challenges me in all the right ways, and I’ve discovered so much about my approach that needed to be adjusted. I’m able to better recognize what is in my control and what isn’t and it has changed my perspective greatly. It is hard work but Laura is encouraging and pushes me to work through the process.”

AshLey MessiNa

Chief People Officer (United Kingdom)

Headshot of Ashley Messina

“Laura coached me on a personal basis and I am very grateful for her! Even when I knew the theory and thought I had the answers, Laura was able to challenge me to think on a deeper level to uncover elements that I wasn’t aware of or was choosing not to see, that were resulting in certain habits or outcomes. Her approach is kind and fair but firm and unbiased, allowing you to show up as you, in an environment of care and love, with no fear of judgment. I sincerely valued our coaching sessions and the way in which Laura’s coaching challenged me to take control of my mindset (with practical ways to do this) and champion myself in a way that better serves both myself and those around me. I highly recommend coaching with Laura and look forward to working with her more in the future.”

Michele SMith

Executive Director (Ohio)

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“Laura was instrumental in helping me as newer nonprofit Executive Director in working with our Board of Directors. Her coaching helped me bridge some gaps in communication and also helped me to maintain a good relationship despite being gaslighted by our then board president. She listened to my concerns, and helped me to develop a sound plan of things that were within my realm of control to move our organization forward. If I had not had Laura’s coaching, I would probably have given up on my ED position.”​

TrAcey HelMs Smith

Clinic Director (North Carolina)

Headshot of Tracey Smith

“I recently began a new leadership position within my company and was finding that I had some mental blocks when it came to my teams perception of me as a leader. During my coaching with Laura I felt like she heard my concerns, and rather quickly, uncovered the deeper issues that where leading to my mental road blocks. She gave some great guidance in overcoming the mental obstacles, and even provided me with some tangible action steps and exercises. I felt like Laura was the perfect mix of professional, a safe place, and willing to push me to step outside my comfort zone, for the sake of growth!”​